The pandemic has left many parents in the lurch. Educational Pods were a godsend for those who could afford them, but what about all of those others? DailiesPods is a company that wants to make education more affordable for everyone.

DailiesPods has highly-qualified instructors, an extensive program, and a user interface that makes it simple for students of all levels to use the facility successfully. However, the company was left vulnerable when it came time to share its story with parents on a wider scale. At Promotehour, we tried to make up for this with our ability to court media outlets and share the story of DailiesPods with parents who can't afford Educational Pods.


To create the best possible media outreach, Promotehour conducted thorough research on which editors and writers at local outlets were most likely to cover DailiesPods. We then crafted an outreach plan that capitalized on our findings by reaching out to numerous unique press contacts with unique pitches that encouraged them to cover the story of DailiesPods.

Finally, we issued an extensive press release that contained everything reporters would need to write a full-length article about DailiesPods' mission and success. We showed the challenges in the Educational Pods space, and then introduced DailiesPods as the solution. The article included quotes from company founders, images for photo editors, and much more.


Our outreach plan was highly successful. DailiesPods generated countless leads from our efforts in addition to generating media coverage in six outlets. Our effective and comprehensive media outreach boosted DailiesPods' online visibility and helped secure new customers, and put their story in front of more eyes. Meanwhile, our press release made it easier than ever for reporters to write about DailiesPods.