The cost of caregiving can be a considerable burden. Moreover, caregivers spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money on elderly care. DaylaCare has been created as an affordable solution for seniors who require assistance with day-to-day tasks. The tool is an AI-integrated solution that conducts regular checks to help elderly patients implement a healthy lifestyle and stay in touch with their caregivers.

However, they needed a PR partner to attract some attention and build brand awareness. The founders of DaylaCare have worked with Promotehour in the past and were more than happy to use our services again. They knew that our team would handle their PR campaign well, which is why they decided to hire us again for this new app.


The Promotehour Team spent some time researching the market and identified that elderly care & AI are trending topics. So, we decided to craft a PR campaign around these two segments and created an angle, making DaylaCare an AI-powered strategic solution for elderly care.

We pitched the story to hundreds of media outlets and journalists from our extensive database. We crafted personalized pitches for each media outlet and provided all the necessary materials (screenshots of the app, logos, etc.) to make it easier for them. Also, we used many outreach techniques such as building a relationship with journalists, offering their readers something exclusive, and following up.


We were thrilled to see that our client was featured in 11 media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, TechTimes, Benzinga, and more. We also saw that our client was mentioned in several social media posts.