Tippsy Sake wanted to change the way Americans drink Sake. They found Promotehour, who helped them with their PR campaign. Millions have enjoyed traditional Japanese Sake for centuries, but many do not know how or where you can get an authentic taste of it in America. Promotehour reached out to them and immediately offered a deal that would be mutually beneficial.


Promotehour provided a simple yet powerful and creative solution that would allow Tippsy to educate Americans on the history of Sake, and how to drink Sake properly. We came up with the idea of promoting the Sake Drinking Guide offered by Tippsy, rather than promoting the main product. The guide is filled with information on the history of Sake and the proper etiquette for drinking Sake. It is an excellent resource – for beginners and experts alike.

Implementation & Outcome: 

Our team set out to implement the idea of promoting the Sake Drinking Guide through PR, marketing, social media, and print. We contacted our different connections to achieve this goal correctly. For the press release, we were able to get several outlets interested in what Tippsy had to say. They wanted to know what we were all about, and how they could get the guide. We provided them with everything they needed and shared some samples with the journalists.

After receiving positive responses from several media outlets, we decided to change the angle to get more coverage. This time we told them that they couldn't learn everything simply by reading the guide, and so we encouraged them to check out Tippsy's YouTube channel to learn more.

The PR campaign was a huge success as we started to receive more and more attention from journalists who wanted to know more about what they do at Tippsy.